Many schools have specific laboratories for each different science subject, chemistry, biology and physics, but another option is for multi-purpose labs which can be used for two or more subjects. Elmia School Supplies has wide-ranging expertise in the field of school laboratory design and can advise you on how to build a laboratory with maximum flexibility.

As well as doubling up on different subjects, some schools also prefer to have labs which can be used across the age range. Designing labs for all age groups, rather than separate facilities for younger and older pupils, can give additional flexibility and can make it easier to timetable science lessons.

The type of school lab benches chosen and the layout of the lab as a whole will depend both on the type of subjects being taught and the age groups of the students, as well as various other factors.

In drawing up design solutions for school labs, our team of designers will ensure the lab area does not become too crowded by trying to fit too much in. We will also ensure full compliance with disability access requirements, for instance by building in enough space for students in wheelchairs to move around the room.

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